Prayer Requests – May 3

Prayer requests from the Sunday May 3rd church service are: Bill Harwell, Austin Craig, Lexie Law, Angela Pettross Martin, Jimmy Dyer, Bettie Moore, Tonya Mathis Lankford, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Proffitt, Nancy Brown. Also Gracie Breuer is having surgery Friday May 8 and Deborah Courtney is having surgery Thursday May 7 at Centennial Medical Center.

Prayer Requests from July 6, Service

Prayer requests for Robbie Richardson, Judy Pratt, Bailey Stewart, Mr. Shafer and Misti Breuer.

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests for the week of June 22 are; Modema Bridgewater, Derrick Tripplet, Robbie Richardson, Bill and Olean Harwell, the families of Sadie Ross and Stanley Woodard. Also pleasee remember Adam Fulton and his family, Adam will be leaving for Iraq later this month.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests from Sunday June 1 are Bro. Jackie Wilburn, Gordon Shoulders, Olean Harwell, and LB McDonald.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests from Sunday, May 25 are Bill & Olean Harwell, Christine Woodard, Joe Farley, Ken Dickerson, Lisa McDonald and all the service men and women that are away from home fighting for our freedom and the families of everyone that gave their life while in the line of duty.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests from the Sunday church service are; Bill Dennis, John McCall, Janice Gregory, Kaitlin Kirby, Joe Farley, Bill and Olean Harwell.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests for the week of April 27 are, Dave McCall, Clyde Allen Woodard, Joe Farley, Erlyne Richardson.

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests for Sunday April 20, Mr. Dave McCall, Mr. Joe Farley and Ms. Diann Bussell. Also, please remember the families of Lucille Shumake and Elder Fred Carr. With the upcoming elections let us also remember our leaders, not only in our community but also those that are responsible for leadingĀ our wonderful and free United [...]

Ted Russell Update

Ted is getting stronger and stronger everyday. His physical level is
increasing…he is walking with a walker. His physical therapist walks
with him for safety. His stride and stance looks good. Because of his
good physical level, he may get to come home possibly around April
18th. This is subject to change. They are working hard on his Aphasia.
It [...]

Ted Russell Update – 03/28

First of all let me say Thank You Lord!
Ted was moved Monday afternoon to Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehab
Hospital. They started working with him Tuesday. Just in these 4 days
his progress has been wonderful. He is walking with a walker. They work
with him several times a day on this and he keeps increasing his
distance. He feed himself [...]