Prayer Request

Buster Robertson,  Barbara Robertson’s husband which is Aimee Robertson’s father-in-law, has been diagnosed with cancer in his shoulder and other places. The doctors are not planning any kind of chemo or radiation at this time. Please remember Bro. Robertson in your prayers.

Prayer Requests – May 3

Prayer requests from the Sunday May 3rd church service are: Bill Harwell, Austin Craig, Lexie Law, Angela Pettross Martin, Jimmy Dyer, Bettie Moore, Tonya Mathis Lankford, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Proffitt, Nancy Brown. Also Gracie Breuer is having surgery Friday May 8 and Deborah Courtney is having surgery Thursday May 7 at Centennial Medical Center.

Prayer Requests for the Week of 02-15-09

Please remember Prentice Sircy, David Carr, Bruce Parr, Jon McDonald, Bro. Frank Carr, Ms. Alma White in prayer also the leaders of our country that they may look to the Lord for daily guidance and help. And our soldiers at home and on foreign soil and also their families.

Prayer Requests – Nov. 30

Prayer requests for Sunday Nov. 30: Bro. Frank Carr, David Carr, Clint Silcox, Geraldine Petty, Holly Davidson, Alma White, Key Dillard and Mae Whitley.

Prayer Requests 10/12/08

Prayer requests for Sunday October 12 are: Gene Oldham, Shirley Wakefield, Debbie Cassity, Merle Kemp, Kenny Englands mother, Tom Whites mother and Tammy Smith.

Prayer Requests 08/31/08

Prayer requests for June Angel, Agnes Pettross, Mildred Lawson, Todd Comstock, Rick Holladay, Sara Thomas, Jimmy Hamlet’s brother, and two unspoken requests.

Prayer Requests 08/24/08

Prayer Requests were asked for Todd Comstock, Chuck Miller, June Angel, Janice Gregory, Rob Shipley, Taylor Ponder, Beverly and Frosty Angel, our Troops.

Prayer Requests from 08/17

Prayer Requests for Janice Gregory, June Angel – having surgery Monday 18th due to her accident, also our troops and everyone that’s in the hospitals and nursing homes.

Remember to pray for sick children.

Stephen and Karen Hackett had a meal catered at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in the Family Room. There they fed 200 people. While everyone was so appreciative. It was a reminder to us that there are always so many sick children in the hospital and so many worried families there with them.  Please make it a [...]

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests for the week of Aug. 3 are Joe Farley, Shayla Bowman, June Angel, Bill & Olene Harwell, Spencer Anderson, Sammy Oldham, Grace Angel, Ken Dickerson, Willie Belle Woodard, Christine and Harry T Woodard, Jeff Gregory’s brother, Our troops, and all of the teachers and students. Please remember these in prayer.