Jamaica Update – “Had it not been”

“Had it not been” for Mine Creek, Willa Mae Jones testified this past Sunday “I would still be lost.” My sister-in-law was crying tears of joy, “living waters” from an overflowing cup running over from within.

Middle Tennessee State Singing Convention Live Broadcast

Quick note to let you all know that Friday, Feb. 20th, from 7:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday, Feb. 21st, 10:00am-3:30pm, we will be doing a live broadcast of our Singing Convention.

 To view, please click the “Webcast” tab at the top of the blog (www.northcarthagebaptistblog.org).


I supposed it would be another pretty day as the sun rose over Craighead church the 11th of July. Two of the sisters were cleaning the church and polishing the tile floor the windows sparkled from the glare of the sun when the sister’s work was done. Brother [...]

Jamaica Update

Baptism in March
Please help me to pray for rain Brother Dwen says its unseasonably dry and the Hector River is low. On my return next week a young 19 year-old sister saved back in January will become the 72nd Jamaican to be added into Craighead’s fellowship who regularly attends the Warsop Mission.

Jamaica Update

From Jamaica to America Update

After several days in the hospital this month to rule out a heart condition, I will be undergoing physical therapy and entering the pain center next week as an outpatient in the hospital to help slow down the fusing of my spine.

Our missions in Silent Hill, Jamaica

Jamaica update 2/2/2008

FIONA’S salvation was like the sweet-smell of incense, a pleasant scent moving those in the presence of angels to rejoice over her repentance toward God and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ.
The revival in Jamaica is still in progress carried on by the three Jamaican preachers hopeful of others being saved in the [...]

Looking into the Third World

Looking into the Third World

Psalms 67:4  O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah.


Have you ever been somewhere that made you appreciate what [...]

Brother Rick Jones


After a three-year absence my lovely wife Lynn is with me once again in Jamaica. I am happy to report you prayed and God delivered. The members were thrilled to see her; others met her for the first time. She will be teaching the sisters this coming week [...]

Jamaica Trip Planned

On Thursday, January 24, a group from Murfreesboro Missionary Baptist Church are leaving for Jamaica. While there they will be having bible study groups during the day and have planned to hold a revival at night. They will return home on January 31. Please remember them in prayer that they will have a safe trip [...]

Jamaica’s Mission

New Year’s update
one saved in Jamaica’s Mission in the US!

First of all I hope my updates on Jamaica are not aggravating you and your e-mail box, but this I wanted to share with you.

The mission in southeast Kansas is rejoicing today over the salvation of Jack Tuttle, Sister Paula’s brother. (Sister Paula is my daughter-in-law).

Jack [...]