I would like to ask for your thoughts and prayers to be with William and I as we leave Fort Bragg for our new duty station in San Antonio, TX. We will be leaving NC on Thursday the 1st for the long drive. We hope for good weather and safe roads. We [...]

Video Clips

Thanks Bruce for the two clips from Sunday’s service that you have made available on the website. Just got through playing both of them and they are truly as spiritually uplifting watching them as they were singing them in Church Sunday. We are blessed to have you and your talents to provide us [...]

Prayer Request – Sunday, January 21,2007

Sabra Gentry’s grandfather, Donnel Gilmore was flown from Clearwater Florida and admitted to Smith Co Memorial Hospital. After he is dismissed he will then be admitted to the Smith County Health Center.Please keep this family in your prayers.

I want everyone to remember Connie Gullatt’s 4 year old grandson in prayer. Most of you don’t know Connie, but everyone will know where he lives. He and his wife Sandra moved here from Florida with plans of retiring. They purchased the building on the corner of Main Street and Third Ave. East, where Kim’s [...]

Prayer Requests – Sunday, January 21,2007Billy GregoryMartha HaynesClyde A Woodard, FamilyObie AppleEstelene SloanLaurie DotsieJanice GregoryDonnel GilmoreErline RichardsonDeanna’s Mom – Ms GreenSamantha BussellJesse WattsJim & Karen Wilburn

Perfect Attendance Pins

Perfect Attendance Pin Presentation, January 14,2007Congratulations to everyone that received perfect attendance pins!Ingrid Glover – 2 yearsSamantha Bussell – 3 yearsNicholus Bussell – 3 yearsDiann Bussell – 3 yearsPam Andrews – 3 yearsMichael Glover – 4 yearsBrent Andrews – 5 yearsChelsea Andrews – 6 yearsBruce Watts – 7 yearsScarlet Andrews – 9 yearsJesse Watts – [...]

New Question on Church Sign

O.K. blog readers we do have blog readers don’t we? Question on the Church sign for this week.

What three things did God command Moses to to place in the “Ark Of The Covenant”?

Hebrews Chapter 9 Verse????????????

Harstville Missionary Baptist Church

Harstville Missionary Baptist Church is preparing a special service on Saturday March 3, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. to honor Elder J. Frank Carr for his missionary service in Japan. Bro. Carr will we giving his testimony, trials and suffering in following God’s will for his life from 1951 through 1966. Those of us [...]

Cumberland Valley School Of Gospel Music, Inc.

Our Church will be hosting and providing recording and video equipment for the Cumberland Valley School of Music to intoduce their New 2007 songbook titled “Thank You” on Feb. 10 at 2 P.M. I would love to invite our church people to come and listen to some great Gospel music being sung by some [...]

Prayer Request

I would like you all to remember Larry Bussell in your prayers. He had his 3rd radiation treatment today and will have 2 more this week. He also goes back to the oncologist tomorrow. They will decide then if he gets another chemo treatment or has to wait. Thanks so much, [...]