Unconditional Love

I found this message could work in our lives also. Enjoy


Prayer Request

Prayer RequestLarry Bussell met with his Dr. today and they set his surgery for April 4th. He is still in alot of pain. Please remember him in your prayers.Thanks, Diann Bussell

Directory Contact Info

The contact info for the church directory is:Jeanette Wattsjnetwatts@gmail.comPhone Numbers:Home – 615.735.9581Work – 615.735.1006Please contact me anytime. Thanks ! Jeanette

2007 Church Directory Info

Pictures for our church directory will be taken

Monday, April 30
Tuesday,May 1

Sign Up Sheets will be posted at church

Sunday, March 18 thru
Easter Sunday, April 9

Anyone who has their picture taken will receive

8×10 Picture – FREE
Church Directory – FREE

Other Important Bits of Info

Entire Picture Taking Process Takes
Less than 1 Hour
Immediate Viewing of Photos
10% [...]

Bible Basics

This is another great link to save to your favorites for helping in the pronunciation of words and study of the KJV of the Bible. God Bless

Bible Basics

The KJV Bible in mp3 audio for free download

I have found this to be a great site to hear the KJV of the Bible read and to help with the pronunciation of words and to follow along in the reading of the Bible. This helps me greatly in the preparation of Sunday School lessons. God Bless.

The KJV Bible in mp3 audio [...]