lost loved one

Please keep my family in your prayers. My mom’s husband, Richard Deebanks passed away this morning in the Cookville hospital. I do not know what arrangements will be at this time. Thank you for all of your prayers during this difficult time.

"Interview with God"

This is really nice. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Babarba.


prayer request

I am asking once again to keep my family in your prayers. They are planning to put my mom’s husband Richard on a respirator tomorrow and they don’t expect him to ever come off of it. They are waiting till tomorrow to allow everyone the chance to see him and speak to him [...]

prayer request

Please remember my mom’s husband Richard Deebanks in prayer. He has had no change. He isn’t getting worse but there has been no improvement with his collapsed lung. They have decided that they will do surgery on Tuesday. This is a very risky surgery and because of his poor health could go [...]

Prayer Request

Larry Bussell had his surgery Wed. They did not remove anything, it had spread to far. Please keep him in your prayers.Thanks, Diann

Prayer request

I would like to ask for your prayers for my mom’s husband, Richard Deebanks. He had to be taken to the hospital on Monday and is still in Cookville hospital. His lung collapsed. They have put chest tubes in and removed them and it will not hold and he is being taken to [...]

Prayer Request

Please remember Larry Bussell in your prayers. He is suspose to have his surgery for colon cancer tomorrow.Thanks, Diann