The Lord Continues to Bless Us

As another revival comes to a close, once again we have been blessed with two souls being saved and seven uniting with the church. Shayla and Nicholus were saved on Wednesday night and during the Sunday morning worship service, seven came to unite with the church. Of the seven there are four that will be [...]

The Stamps Quartet

The date of the singing, Saturday June 10, is incorrect.

The correct date is Saturday June 16.

Upcoming Events for June 2007

Revival Begins June 3 thru June 10

Service Begins 7:00 pm

Elder James “PeeWee” Massey and

Elder Charles Allen Gentry


Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy,Inc.

June 10-15,2007

On the campus of

Cumberland University, Lebanon TN.

For more info. visit their website


The Stamps Quartet will be singing at

North Carthage Baptist Church

Saturday June 10 at 6:00pm


North Carthage Baptist Church

Vacation Bible School

Monday, Tuesday & [...]

Revival 2007

Starting this Sunday night June 3, at 7:00 P.M. our revival starts. Bro. Pee Wee Massey Pastor South Carthage Missionary Baptist Church will be helping Bro. Gentry bring the God inspired preaching. Webster dictionary defines Revival as (1) bringing back to life (2) renewal of interest. I believe either one of [...]