“A Resurrection Both of the Just and the Unjust…” 03/23/08

Acts 24:10-21

A Resurrection Both of the Just and the Unjust: Download Sermon


There was a reason Paul the Apostle spoke this so plain, he had gone up to Jerusalem for a love offering for the poor saints of the church at Jerusalem. Having gone up and worshiping they were accusing him of things that was not [...]

“Submission” 03/16/08

Luke 19:28-39

Submission: Download Sermon


I have chosen to use one word as my message this morning the word is Submission. This isn’t a very difficult word however it is difficult for us individuals in the flesh to comply with the intentions of this word. We sing a little song sometimes that says I Will Follow Thee [...]

“Think not that I am come…” 2/24/08

Matthew 10:34-42

Think not that I am come: Download Sermon

Ted Russell Update – 03/28

First of all let me say Thank You Lord!
Ted was moved Monday afternoon to Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehab
Hospital. They started working with him Tuesday. Just in these 4 days
his progress has been wonderful. He is walking with a walker. They work
with him several times a day on this and he keeps increasing his
distance. He feed himself [...]

Ted Russell Update

Ted went to Stallworth Rehab Monday afternoon. This is a big step.
Stallworth doctors said they could not believe this was the same fellow
that was previous there. He is so much better now than then.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests for the week of March 23 are:

The families of Mr. Dalton Bennett, Mr. Larry Hensley and Ms. Kathy Swann

Also, Mark Andrews, Louise Ethridge, Dave McCall, Olean and Bill Harwell, Gracie Breuer,

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Sammy and Faye Bridgewater and Phil and Pam Kemp

Ted Russell Update

Ted had his best day so far on Wednesday, March 19 up until 4:00pm, they had him setting up in a neuro chair. But we found out that anything over 30 degrees gives him severe headaches. He can’t open his eyes and he is unable to speak when this happens.

Prayer Requests – 03/16/08

Prayer requests from Sunday church service- Mark Andrews, Kathy Swann, Ted Russell, Louise Ethridge, Olean Harwell, Royce Presley, Goldna Clay, Gracie Breuer, Eld. Paul Patterson, Stephen Wilburn, Ken Dickerson, Dave Mc Call, our troops, unspoken requests, the leadership of our country, and most of all the unsaved.

Ted Russell Update

Ted has been transferred back into the Intensive Care Unit to monitor the results of a CT Scan. He is having severe headaches and they are searching for the reason. Thank you for your prayers, but please continue to remember Ted and also the doctors and staff that are tending to him. May God Bless [...]