PRAY for him

My youngest brother, Mark McKissack, will have heart surgery in a few days,

please PRAY for him.



The Cross: 5/25/08

The Cross: Download Sermon

Matthew 27:26-39

Let me turn your attention to the reading of God’s word from the 27th chapter of the Gospel According to Matthew beginning with the 26th verse. But before I begin, let me say the church has voted to set aside the fourth Sunday in May each year for the observance of [...]

Upcoming Revival

Our revival begins Sunday, June 1 at 7pm. Elder James (PeeWee) Massey will be helping Bro. Gentry with the service. Please make plans to attend. Also our VBS will be June 20, from 3pm – 8pm.

Congratulations! ! !

Happy Birthday to Gracie Bruer and Bridgett Stewart also Happy Anniversary to Chuck and Sabra Gentry and Jason and Bridgett Stewart.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests from Sunday, May 25 are Bill & Olean Harwell, Christine Woodard, Joe Farley, Ken Dickerson, Lisa McDonald and all the service men and women that are away from home fighting for our freedom and the families of everyone that gave their life while in the line of duty.

Sowing Seed – The Parable of Sowing Seed: 5/18/08

Sowing Seed – The Parable of Sowing Seed: Download Sermon

Matthew 13:18-23

From the 13th Chapter of the book of Matthew beginning with verse 18; these are the words of Jesus Christ; he said; “Here ye therefore the parable of the sower, when anyone heareth the word of the kingdom and understand it not then cometh the [...]

Congratulations! ! !

Congratulations to Lindsey Underwood, Jonn Mark Blair, Casey Hackett, William Cranston. These are inaddition to the list that was posted last week.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Bobby and Jean Middleton! !

Happy Birthday! !

Happy Birthday to Donna Thackxton and Ms. Christine McDonald that’s celebrating her 90th birthday and Joe Farley will be celebrating his 86th birthday later this week.

Prayer Requests