Forgiveness: 07/27/08

Forgiveness: Download Sermon

Matthew 18:15-22
I want to call your attention to the 18th Chapter of the Gospel According to Matthew beginning with the 15th verse; Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if [...]

Prayer Requests for the week of July 28

Prayer requests are Joe Farley, Robbie Richardson, Donald Vaden, Keri Kitchen, Mrs. Ralph Green, Janice Gregory, Ms. Puddin, Shayla Bowman, Kathy Harville, Our troops, and Bill Cothern.

Happy Birthday! !

Happy Birthday to Tom Morris, Julie Kitchen and Lisa Kent.

Believers Baptism: 07/20/08

Believers Baptism: Download Sermon

Matthew 28:16-20
I’m going to read from the 28th Chapter of the Gospel According to Matthew, beginning with verse 16. In these next five verses is what we refer to The Great Commission. We believe that Jesus himself, organized, established, put into place the New Testament Church while he was still here in [...]

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests from the July 20th service are, Joe Farley, Donald Vaden, Jewell Pope, Sue Grisham, Robbie Richardson, Gene Turnipseed, Dorothy Ramsey, Kathy Harville, and Opal Patterson.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Diann Bussell, Clyde Allen Woodard, Bobby Middleton.

For I Am Now Ready To Be Offered: 7/13/08

For I am Now Ready to Be Offered: Download Sermon

2 Timothy 4:1-9

My devotional today is from 2 Timothy 4; the apostle Paul was an aged man, he was coming to the close of his ministry and before the Lord took him out he gave a great charge, the word charge means how to delegate responsibility [...]

Baptizing Date Set

The date for the baptizing is Sunday July 20, immediately after church and will be held at the creek behind Mrs. Beatrice Kemps home in the Graveltown Community. (Turn into her driveway and there is ample parking behind her house that has some gravel and has been mowed)

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary for the week of July 13 to Ronnie and Diann Bussell.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Nolan and Jamie Kelley, Roger Shoulders, Clyde Allen Woodard, Robbie Oldham and Joey Oldham.