The Gift of Eternal Life: 5/16/10

The Gift of Eternal Life: Download Sermon

John 10:27-30

I’m getting started a little late in my message this morning so if I run over a little bit I beg your patience and your endurance and I’ll try not to be too lengthy.  But I’m going to read three verses from Chapter 10 [...]

The Family: 5/9/10

The Family: Download Sermon

Matthew 19:1-9
Thank you for these good songs and thank you for the knowledge of our mothers who are asleep in Jesus and have died in the Lord of seeing and meeting them again in the morning of the resurrection. What a wonderful and joyful time that will be [...]

Increase Our Faith: 4/25/10

Increase Our Faith: Download Sermon

Luke 17:5-6
Our devotional this morning comes from Luke Chapter 17 and verse 5 and in fact I’m just going to read two verses verse 5 & 6. “And the Apostle said unto the Lord increase our faith, and the Lord said if ye had faith of a grain [...]