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2nd Timothy 1:5
Today is Mother’s Day it’s a day that’s set aside for our Mothers and celebrate our Mothers and all they have done for us up to this period in our lives. I have a little poem I’m going to read I scarcely read poetry or anything in church but Ms. Puddin helps prepare the Sunday school lesson on Sunday morning and Ms. Diann took these poems and put them in a card and gave them to all the children in the little class. I’m going to read this poem to you it is written by Corrina Grummons of Denton Texas. The title of it is “Loves Circle.” She wrote “I wish that for an hour again I could be five or perhaps four or maybe even three I’d crawl up in your lap safe and snug and warm and take a little nap in your loving arms. But now that I’m grown up and now that I’m a Mom I’ll do what time allows with this dear child of my own. I’ll take him in my lap safe and snug and warm and he’ll take a little nap in my loving arms. Love is like a circle we go around the bend we grow up a little older but the love it never ends.” This is so very true. It has been my privilege and honor to watch the mothers and grandmothers of this church. You have from Sunday to Sunday brought your children into the house of the Lord and now I am watching and observing your children’s children bringing their children into the house of the Lord. I pray this will continue as long as time lasts there is no greater benefit that you can give to your children. You can give them the things they ask for you can give them the things they want you can give them the things they need you can give them all the education they can go and strive for but in the end there is nothing more rewarding to a child or set of children than bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. In the first chapter of the Book of 2nd Timothy the Apostle Paul talks about this beginning with verse five he said “when I call to remembrance (Paul was taking Timothy back to the days of his childhood and reminding him of the unfeigned faith that dwelt in his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice) and he said I am persuaded also in thee.” Three generations the Apostle Paul had observed and he was just calling in remembrance to the young preacher about his raising and his background. In chapter 3 he said to him “when I have called to remembrance the things you have learned remembering in whom thou hast learned them.” All of us have been in a continuous learning process some of the most precious and valuable things in our lives have been learned early in our lives before the days of school. When our mother’s had set us down and simply taught us the things of life and about church and about the Lord Jesus Christ and about being saved and about heaven and hell and what reward there was for people who sought the Lord Jesus Christ while they lived and made preparation for. Time would prevent me today from telling you a lot of the precious things that I learned when I was a child. One of the first things I remember my mother talking to me about was the Golden Rule. Do you all remember the Golden Rule? There’s not much said about the Golden Rule anymore but Jesus said “treat others like you want to be treated.” What a wonderful text and a wonderful rule it is to pass on to our children Grandmothers to mothers and mothers to children and children to grandchildren and so on. Treat your neighbor treat your friend treat your fellow church people like you want to be treated. Be cordial and as you meet them be friendly. I said to a person this week the bible said “if you want to have friends then show yourself friendly.” I’ll tell you today it’s a two way situation you can show yourself friendly but if the other person doesn’t show the same friendliness back then you won’t develop much of a friendship. It’s a two way deal isn’t it? Treat others treat your neighbors treat your church people my mother taught us to have respect for our elders when I was a child. I’m glad she did we don’t have much of that anymore. We learned to say Mr. and Mrs. and we used to say Uncle and Aunt we respected our grandparents by calling them grandmother and grandfather and maybe Nana and Pa but just a little respect. Somewhere during these years we have lost what I think is a precious thing and that’s just simply just respect- respect for our country respect for our flag let us teach our children while they are young. My grandchildren all of them are learning about the Lord they’re not saved yet perhaps there’s not any of them that’s at the age of responsibility but they are learning that it’s important that when they come to that age to seek the Lord. My people taught me to seek the Lord. And do you that I believed what they said I sought the Lord with Godly sorrow and repentance in my heart when I was a young fellow. There’s a lot of things I could talk about this morning about this that our mother’s teach us. They may not teach us so much about love but we learn by their own display of love. The greatest love in this world other than the love of God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ is a mother’s love for her children. Honey her love is greater than the love of an old mother hen. Do you all know about an old mother hen? Anytime there is danger or a storm honey she plucks to them chickens until every last one of them is under her wings and safe. When you were a child where did you feel the safest? Probably in your mother’s arms. It is only human nature isn’t it for little ones two years old three four five years old and even bigger to run to their mother’s and sit in their laps to be hugged and snuggled in their arms and feel the love and the safety of the protection of that mother. I believe that most good mothers would fight through fire for their children. Most of them would go through a burning house so that they might rescue that child. Love – love-love. We sang this morning “Oh How I Love Jesus” or we recently sang it and oh how we do love Jesus and we were first taught to love him and then we experienced his love in receiving his amazing saving grace and because of that we love him because he first loved us. By the same token before we knew to love mothers start loving their children. I believe I can say today without fear of contradiction that almost not all but almost all children are loved before they are ever born into this world. There is just something about that connection of the mother and that unborn child that causes them to develop a love and then bringing them forth in the pain of childbirth into this world. What examples of love that mother’s are. Bro. James Gibbs taught me something about a mother’s love we were in a revival meeting and Bro. James said that mother’s can heal more stumped toes more mashed fingers and more hurt feelings than anybody in the world. A child can be hurt or upset or have a hurt finger or toe a mother can take the child in her arms and in a few minutes the child is comforted and receives strength and ready to go. Not only do we feel a mother’s love but before the birth of a child in most cases Christian mothers begin to offer prayers for their children. I had just assume to have the prayers of a Christian mother for me as anybody in this world. So many times when a father has gotten busy making a living or other things the Christian mothers of our homes have kept the home fires burning about the Lord Jesus Christ. They have carried the children to church and Sunday school and taught them about the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the things that is so vivid about my own mother is when I was nine years old I became accountable for some reason and I don’t know what the reason was but I passed through the kitchen where she was making biscuits in those days mother made biscuits about three times a day. Nearly every day and she was making biscuits without addressing me and without saying any other thing she said to me have you been thinking about it today. I didn’t have to ask her what she meant I understood what she meant. If I had been thinking about the preparation of my soul Jesus Christ had already given his life that I might be saved and she was simply reminding me that it was important to take time out and give special attention to my own needs and my responsibility of seeking God and being saved. The night I was saved which was September 1 7, 1953 we’d gone through a week’s meeting almost without anybody being saved it was late at night on Saturday night and it was hot there were no air conditioners and the windows were rolled up and the pastor was fixing to dismiss the service and somebody got up and said I believe we ought to have another prayer before we go. And he called upon one of the sisters to pray one of the ladies of the church and the more she prayed the stronger she got and the more she prayed the closer to the Lord she got. And before she was through praying Heaven came down and before she was through people began to shout for joy all over the house because they were saved. It was not because of who she was she was a child of God and she had exercised one of her greatest privileges of taking the time to go to the Lord in a word of prayer. The Holy Spirit helped her like it helps our people and she got through and while she was praying I got thorough and the Lord saved me and gave me peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ one the memorable times of my life. Paul said Moses I’m calling you to remembrance of your mother and your grandmother and this is what he said about the unfeigned faith in them. The word means unwavering and these two women as he observed their lives he had found them to be strong in faith and I know there was probably some struggling times and hard times in their lives but even through those hard times they had unwavering faith in God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ. Early in the bible the bible tells us of a man named Manoah in the Old Testament in the Book of Exodus who was a Levi and he married a daughter of a Levi and they had no children but then they conceived and she bare a son and they called his name Moses. You all are familiar with Moses but then the scripture adds this line and it said of him that she saw that he was a goodly child. Perhaps most mothers would see in their sons and daughters that they are goodly children to them and because she saw he was a goodly child she hid him three months. Why did she do that? Because Pharaoh sent out a decree that all of the male children were to be destroyed. Honey when you buck the Kings commandments you can expect his wrath can’t you? It is only by unfeigned and strong faith in God that this Godly mother hid her son three months. But this was not all when she felt she could no longer hide him in the home she made an ark of bulrushes and dobbed it with slime and carried it down to the river bank the river of Euphrates and hid it in the flags and told her daughter Moses sister to stay afar off and watch what happened to the child. By faith Moses mother and the sister of Moses watched the daughter of Pharaoh and her maidens come to the river to bathe the river Nile and while she was bathing she saw this little ark hid over in the flags and she sent her maiden over to get it and they lifted the top off of it and the bible said Moses cried. I told you once before that Bro. Carr said an angel of the Lord pinched Moses on the leg and he cried now I don’t know if an angel pinched him or not but that’s what he said and he’s the only person I’ve heard that has said that. But he cried and the daughter of Pharaoh had compassion on him she said I’ll take him and raise him as my own. And the sister of Moses slipped up to her and said would you like me to go and get one of the Hebrew women to help you nurse and raise this baby and she said go and do you know what she did. The bible said she went and got the babies own mother and Moses mother raised him in the house of Pharaoh as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. What do you think she talked to him about? In the 11th chapter of the Book of Hebrews the bible said by faith Moses when he was come of years honey how did he know anything about when he came to the age of responsibility somebody taught him and all probability his own Christian mother had taught him even in the house of Pharaoh about God Almighty. When he was come of years he made a choice and do you know what his choice was? Honey she planted it deep in him and when he was come of years he chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God rather to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. The esteem and reproach of Christ’s greater riches than the pleasures of this world honey she taught him well and if her training paid off I’ll guarantee you training will pay off. Do you remember what Solomon said train up a child in the way it should go and when he’s old he’ll not depart? It didn’t say he would depart during life sometimes but sometimes they do but you know what usually happens that somewhere during their adult years they come to themselves and remember what they’ve been taught and come back to it that’s a wonderful thing. There is just no substitute for a Christian mother there’s just no substitute and aren’t we glad today. I am proud of the mother’s of this church and I want us to teach them and let me say to you that Paul said to the older women for you all to teach the younger women that they may know what to do. It’s your responsibility as your pastor to help teach the younger women and as far as I know the mothers of this church are raising their children that’s important. You know it’s one thing to bring a child into the world but when you bring that child into the world you bring upon yourself responsibility and that responsibility is to raise your child and teach them and teach them and teach them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. What a privilege it’s been for me to see mothers with a broken heart and a heavy heart for their children to lead their children to an altar of prayer and to kneel by them and stay and pray with them until they have prayed through. Yes it’s one thing to go to the Lord in prayer but it’s another thing to pray through and getting in touch. Well most of the things I meant to preach today I didn’t get too but I’ll leave it until another time but will say to the mothers I’m glad you all are here this morning and who have brought your children into the house of God and I encourage you to keep on doing that.

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